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OnTrac API Terms of Use

Customers and third-party developers may use the OnTrac API for applications that help active OnTrac account holders rate, ship, and track OnTrac shipments. When developing on our platform, you agree to the following:

Package Tracking

  1. Do not exceed a reasonable amount of API calls.
  2. Only packages tendered to OnTrac should be tracked. Do not track UPS, FedEx or DHL shipments.
  3. Shipments should not be tracked prior to being tendered to OnTrac.
  4. Once delivered, shipments should not be tracked again.
  5. Tracking a shipment several times a day is acceptable, but limited to five calls per package, per day.
  6. Do not track shipments older than two weeks, regardless of delivery status. Contact Customer Care for problem package resolution.
  7. Do not attempt to retrieve historical data via the OnTrac Shipping API. Contact OnTrac Software Support for special data requests.

Package Rating

  1. Rating should be limited to the states in the OnTrac service area: California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado and Idaho. Do not attempt to rate shipments outside the OnTrac service area.

Continued use of the OnTrac API constitutes acceptance of any changes or additions to these terms. Users in violation of these terms will be contacted by OnTrac and expected to take immediate action to rectify any issues. If full compliance is not demonstrated, access to the OnTrac API may be restricted or terminated.


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